2.1.12. Marketplace and contributed apps


Due to unpopularity we have decided to move away from the Application Marketplace. This means that Applicaton Marketplace will not longer be available in the future OS versions. All unique applications will be moved to the official Red Pitaya OS and accessible on the main web interface page. Overview

More Red Pitaya applications can be obtained from the Red Pitaya marketplace that is accessible through the Red Pitaya WEB interface or from other websites where Red Pitaya community members share code or complete software packages that can be installed and run on Red Pitaya hardware platforms.


It is important to note that applications developed by the Red Pitaya community are not distributed or tested by the Red Pitaya team, and that our team accepts no responsibility. If you’d like to share feedback, report bugs, or need help on contributed projects, apps, or software, we highly recommend contacting the project authors.

To download the applications from the application marketplace, Red Pitaya must have access to the internet, otherwise the Marketplace Application will fail to open.


The easiest way to ensure this is to connect your Red Pitaya to the router (either through Wi-Fi or ethernet cable). Alternatively, if you are a network expert, some network settings must be tweaked to pass your computers internet connection to the Red Pitaya (when Red Pitaya is directly connected to the computer).