1.2. Connect to STEMlabΒΆ

This is the most common and recommended way of connecting and using your Red Pitaya STEMlab boards. Your LAN network needs to have DHCP settings enabled which is the case in majority of the local networks. With this, simple plug and play approach is enabled. Having STEMlab board connected the local network will enable quick access to all Red Pitaya applications using only your web browser. Simply follow this 3 simple steps:

  1. Connect STEMlab board to the router
  2. Connect power supply to the Red Pitaya STEMlab board
  3. Open your web browser and in the URL filed type rp-xxxxxx.local/


For arranging other types of connections (wireless, direct ethernet connection) use the Network manager application.


xxxxxx are the last 6 characters from MAC address of your STEMlab board. MAC address is written on the Ethernet connector.


Figure 1: Connecting your STEMlab board to the LAN network.

After the third step you will get a Red Pitaya STEMlab main page as shown below.


Figure 2: STEMlab main page user interface.


For any issues during setup, check troubleshoots or check the forum for a solution. If you cannot find a solution, please post your problem, providing as much detail as possible.