1.5. Red Pitaya Acrylic case assembly

Regardless whether you bought your Red Pitaya Acrylic case in a kit or as a separate add on, you will need to manually asembile it.

1.5.1. Red Pitaya Acrylic Case asembly parts.


Red Pitaya Acrylic Case asembly parts.

It includes:

  • 8 screws that close the housing

  • 4 long brass standoffs and 4 short ones that hold the board

  • 4 rubber feet for secure positioning on the desk

1.5.2. Assembly

  1. Remove small, white plastic feet by pressing the clips at the top, with a small pair of pliers and push the feet down.


    Bottom of the Red Pitaya board showing the plastic feet.

  2. Mount the brass standoffs as seen in the picture below:


2.1 If you have the model where the 6 pin connector is present please use included white plastic washers.


Red Pitaya bottom pcb showing the 6-pin connector CN11


If CN11 connector is present use included plastic washers when mounting bottom part.


Red Pitaya showing use of white plastic washers for 6-pin connector CN11 clearance

  1. Stick rubber feet.