1.5. Red Pitaya Acrylic Case Assembly

Regardless of whether you bought your Red Pitaya Acrylic case in a kit or as a separate add-on, manual assembly is required.

1.5.1. Components


Components of the Red Pitaya Acrylic Case.

  • 8 screws that close the housing

  • 4 long brass standoffs and 4 short ones that hold the board

  • 4 rubber feet for secure positioning on the desk

1.5.2. Assembly Instructions

  1. Remove the small, white plastic feet by pressing the clips at the top with a small pair of pliers and pushing the feet down.


    The bottom of the Red Pitaya board shows the plastic feet.

  2. Mount the brass standoffs as seen in the picture below:

  3. If you have the model where the 6-pin connector is present, please use the included white plastic washers.


    The bottom part of the Red Pitaya PCB with the 6-pin connector CN11.


    If the CN11 connector is present, use the included plastic washers when mounting the bottom part.


    Red Pitaya shows the usage of white plastic washers for 6-pin connector CN11 clearance.

  4. Stick in the rubber feet.