1.1. What do I need before I start?ΒΆ

The following essential items needed to start are already included in each STEM kits available from our WEB store:

  • 5 V / 2 A micro USB power supply,
  • 4GB (up to 32GB) Class 10 micro SD card with pre-loaded Red Pitaya OS,
  • Ethernet cable.

Additional Required Items not supplied with the STEM kits:

  • computer with internet browser (Chrome browser recommended),
  • router with DHCP server enabled and access to the internet.


Red Pitaya should not be powered from a power supply that is <2A or has a very thin power wires, since this will reflect in abnormal behavior of the device, causing re-boots and network disconnections. Same problem might appear if Red Pitaya is powered directly from USB on a PC or HUB that cannot provide enough power or when using bad powering cable.


Windows 7/8 users should install Bonjour Print Services, otherwise access to *.local addresses will not work.

Windows 10 already supports mDNS and DNS-SD, so there is no need to install additional software.


Before STEM kits were introduced all Red Pitaya kits were shipped with a blank SD cards. If you have such a kit, please follow the steps in the Prepare SD card paragraph to properly load Red Pitaya OS to your SD card.


Access to the internet is required only when:

  • upgrading Red Pitaya OS,
  • installing applications from the marketplace,
  • unlocking applications.