1.1. What do I need before I start?

The following essential items needed to start are already included in each of the RedPitaya kits available on our WEB store:

  • 5 V / 2 A micro USB power supply,

  • 16 GB (up to 32 GB) Class 10 micro SD card with pre-loaded Red Pitaya OS,

  • Ethernet cable.

Additional required items which are not provided with the Red Pitaya kits:

  • A computer with an internet browser (Google Chrome is recommended),

  • router with DHCP server enabled and access to the internet.


Red Pitaya boards should not be powered by a power supply that provides less power than specified above or has very thin power wires, since this will result in abnormal behaviour of the device, causing reboots and network disconnections. The same problem might appear if the Red Pitaya board is powered directly from USB on a PC or HUB that cannot provide enough power (current) or when using a bad power cable.


We recommend using at least a 16 GB SD card with Red Pitaya OS versions 2.00 and above. With 1.04 OS versions, a minimum of 8 GB card is recommended. With older OS versions (0.9), you might get away with a 4 GB SD card.