STEMlab 125-14 X-Channel system

The X-Channel STEMlab 125-14 system consists of multiple STEMlab 125-14 devices that are modified for clock and trigger synchronization, and also comes with SATA synchronization cables and software that supports multi channel RF signal acquisition and generation.

X-Channel STEMlab 125-14 system consists of:

  • one MASTER STEMlab 125-14 device which is standard STEMlab 125-14 device and provides main clock and trigger to other SLAVE STEMlab 125-14 devices

  • one or multiple SLAVE STEMlab 125-14 devices, that are modified in a way that they can receive clock and trigger from a MASTER device and distribute it to the next SLAVE device. These are marked with an “S” sticker.

For detailed hardware specifications for STEMlab 125-14 devices used in the STEMlab 125-14 X-Channel system please refer to STEMlab 125-14 standard specs.

For more information about software please refer to: X-Channel streaming