STEMlab 125-14-Z7020-LN

STEMlab 125-14-Z7020-LN is a standard STEMlab 125-14 board that:

  • comes with zynq 7020 (instead of 7010) that beside 3 times more FPGA logic provides also more digital IOs on the E2 connector (for more information refer to board schematics)

  • has populated additional linear analog power for analog power supplies to reduce RF inputs and outputs noise and consequently increase ENOB.To find out more about the performance of STEMlab 125-14 with DC analog power supplies, refer to Leonhard Neuhaus’s blog Red Pitaya DAC performance. Technical specifications Schematics


Red Pitaya board HW FULL schematics are not available. Red Pitaya has an open source code but not an open hardware schematics. Nonetheless, DEVELOPMENT schematics are available. This schematic will give you information about HW configuration, FPGA pin connection and similar. Mechanical specifications

For all other specifications please refer to standard STEMlab 125-14 specs.