2.2.1. System Info

In the four corners of the Red Pitaya web interface there are the following widgets:

  1. General System information button: Includes optional features that can be turned ON/OFF. For more information see the section below.

  2. Power button: Manual Power Off or Reboot of the board.

  3. Download system report: Downloads a .zip file with information for the developers. Please attach it to the support mail with the issue description. The report should download after approx. 15 seconds.

  4. Current OS and ecosystem version: Reroutes to the Software update tool if clicked. General OS and Ecosystem info

Once the Info button is clicked, the following settings will be displayed:


In the System Info section, general information regarding Board model, MAC address, DNA number, etc. is displayed.

The System Settings section contains the following options:

  1. Boot-up File consistency check: If checked, during the boot, a file system check of the SD card is performed, which increases the overall boot-up time.

  2. Turn ON LED: If checked, the Red (Heartbeat) and Orange (SD card read) LEDs are enabled.

  3. BOOT mode: On SIGNALlab 250-12, a button Up to 1 GB RAM is located here (see the picture below). If highlighted, the board boots with 1 GB RAM instead of 512 MB.

  4. Restore default app settings: Restores all saved application settings to default values.


System information on SIGNALlab 250-12.