2.2.1. Network ManagerΒΆ


We recommend usage of Network Manager application for RedPitaya connection settings however, if local network access, which is needed to run Network manager application is not available, it is still possible to connect manually.

Red Pitaya boards are network attachable devices focused on simple connectivity and quick accessibility. Having a graphical user interface for your Oscilloscope, Signal Generator, LCR meter and other Red Pitaya applications, directly on your PC without any limitations such are limited commands or controls or any installation of additional software will provide you with a unique working experience.

Red Pitaya boards can be connected over:

  1. Local Area Network (LAN) - Requires a DHCP server on your LAN router

  2. Direct Ethernet cable connection - Requires additional setting on users PC and Red Pitaya board

  3. Wireless Network client - Requires an additional WiFi dongle available at Red Pitaya store

  4. Access Point Mode - Red Pitaya board creates its own WiFi network