2.1.9. Streaming

Streaming application enables user to stream data from STEMlab to :

  • Local file stored on STEMlab SD card
  • Over ethernet to remote computer using UDP or TCP protocol

User is able to set:

  • sampling frequency
  • number of input channels
  • input channel resolution

Streamed data can be stored into:

  • Standard audio WAV file format
  • Technical Data Management Streaming (TDMS) file format

Max. streaming speeds are limited to: Start using STEMlab streaming feature

  1. ) Run streaming app from STEMlab WEB interface

  2. ) Stream locally to a file

    1. ) Set app properties & click RUN


      Example: streaming on ch1, 8bit resolution 10Msps into TDMS file format

    2. ) Press STOP to stop streaming

    3. ) Click Browse to open file browser and download streaming data file

    4. ) Open file in DIAdem software

      that supports TDMS file reading, visualization & processing.

  3. ) Streaming to remote computer

    1. ) Download streaming client to your computer.

    2. ) Set app properties & click RUN


      Example: streaming on ch1, 16bit resolution 5Msps, TCP

    3. ) Run streaming app on remote computer (copy IP from the WEB interface and select required file format)

      rpsa_client.exe -h -p TCP -f ./ -t wav

      Data streaming can be stopped by pressing Ctrl + C

    4. ) Created wav file can be read or visualized using Audacity software:

    Notice: streaming always creates two files:
    • first stores streamed data
    • second data transfer report