4. Teaching materials

4.1. Circuits and electronics

4.2. Measuring Technology exercises

Measuring Technology exercises - courtesy of Wilfried Dankmeier from Darmstadt University (german language)

  1. Loesungshinweise_zu_Uebungsblatt_3_a.pdf

  2. Loesungshinweise_zu_Uebungsblatt_3_b.pdf

  3. Loesungshinweise_zu_Uebungsblatt_4_a.pdf

  4. Loesungshinweise_zu_Uebungsblatt_5_a.pdf

  5. Loesungshinweise_zu_Uebungsblatt_6_a.pdf

4.3. Red Pitaya - Learn FPGA

4.4. Laboratory for Integrated Circuit Design: Red Pitaya Projects

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