Generating voltage

Take Reading analog voltage from slow inputs example as a basic application for this example, because it is the simplest way to check generating voltage using one device. In this program we will set frequency, amplitude and waveform of generating signal. Web UI

In index.html there are three new blocks - frequency_setup, amplitude_setup and waveform_setup.

< div id='frequency_setup'>
    < div>Frequency: Hz</div>
    <input id='frequency_set' type="range" size="2" value="1" min = "1" max = "20">
< div id='amplitude_setup'>
    < div>Amplitude: V</div>
    <input id='amplitude_set' type="range" step="0.01" size="2" value="0.5" min = "0" max = "0.5">
< div id='waveform_setup'>
    < div>Waveform</div>
    <select size="1" id="waveform_set">
        <option selected value="0">Sine</option>
        <option value="1">Sawtooth</option>
        <option value="2">Square</option>

In app.js we added three new functions: APP.setFrequency(), APP.setAmplitude() and APP.setWaveform().

APP.setFrequency = function() {
    APP.frequency = $('#frequency_set').val();
    var local = {};
    local['FREQUENCY'] = { value: APP.frequency };
    APP.ws.send(JSON.stringify({ parameters: local }));

APP.setAmplitude = function() {
    APP.amplitude = $('#amplitude_set').val();
    var local = {};
    local['AMPLITUDE'] = { value: APP.amplitude };
    APP.ws.send(JSON.stringify({ parameters: local }));

APP.setWaveform = function() {
    APP.waveform = $('#waveform_set').val();
    console.log('Set to ' + APP.waveform);
    var local = {};
    local['WAVEFORM'] = { value: APP.waveform };
    APP.ws.send(JSON.stringify({ parameters: local }));
}; Comtroller

In main.cpp (controller) we added three 3 parameters:

CIntParameter FREQUENCY("FREQUENCY", CBaseParameter::RW, 1, 0, 1, 20);
CFloatParameter AMPLITUDE("AMPLITUDE", CBaseParameter::RW, 0.5, 0, 0, 0.5);
CIntParameter WAVEFORM("WAVEFORM", CBaseParameter::RW, 0, 0, 0, 2);

Minimum frequency is 1Hz and maximum - 20Hz. Minimum amplitude is 0 and maximum is 0.5, because our program can read voltage from slow inputs in range 0-3,3V and generator’s range is -1V +1V. We should set offset +0.5V and limit amplitude’s maximum to 0.5V to get a signal in range 0V-1V(-0.5V + 0.5V is a range of generating signal and +0.5V offset).

In our program waveform can be:

value description
0 Sine
1 Sawtooth
2 Square

There is a new function - set_generator_config(). In this function we configurate output signal. This api function sets frequency of our signal. Signal will be gererated on output channel 1(RP_CH_1).

rp_GenFreq(RP_CH_1, FREQUENCY.Value());

We need to set offset 0.5V:

rp_GenOffset(RP_CH_1, 0.5);

Setting amplitude:

rp_GenAmp(RP_CH_1, AMPLITUDE.Value());

And setting waveform:

if (WAVEFORM.Value() == 0)
    rp_GenWaveform(RP_CH_1, RP_WAVEFORM_SINE);
else if (WAVEFORM.Value() == 1)
    rp_GenWaveform(RP_CH_1, RP_WAVEFORM_RAMP_UP);
else if (WAVEFORM.Value() == 2)
    rp_GenWaveform(RP_CH_1, RP_WAVEFORM_SQUARE);

There can be other waveforms: RP_WAVEFORM_TRIANGLE (triangle), RP_WAVEFORM_RAMP_DOWN (reversed sawtooth), RP_WAVEFORM_DC (dc), RP_WAVEFORM_PWM (pwm), RP_WAVEFORM_ARBITRARY (defined wave form).

In rp_app_init() we should set up signal and turn it on:


In rp_app_exit() disable signal:


And in OnNewParams() update parameters: